Where can I see the Referral program Terms and conditions?

Referral program Terms and conditions

  1. NO false advertising, don’t lie to potential customers. If you want to show them their expected earnings ask the to visit https://alloscomp.com/bitcoin/calculator
  2. Share your affiliate link, but don’t spam forums or websites. Place your link following  guidelines of the site or forum where you are sharing your link.
  3. You will be paid in  ฿ directly to your Bitcoin wallet.
  4. This program applies to customers and non customers of Bitcoin Cloud Services. But does not apply for your own purchases.
  5. Your referral has to make a purchase with your affiliate link, cookies expire 7 days after the initial visit to our site.
  6. Commissions are awarded for the customer’s first interaction. (If a customer clicks on your affiliate URL  link and later clicks another affiliate’s URL and places an order , the first click will be honored).
  7. You earn commissions from returning customers
  8. Our existing customers are not considered referrals. You’ll earn lifetime commissions from your referrals but  our existing customers will not be considered as your referrals.
  9. You’ll  get access to the affiliate dashboard to track your  earnings
  10. Payouts are manually processed 8 days after your referral pays the order. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee to our customers, in case your referral requests a refund you won’t be paid.
  11. We pay directly to your BTC address,  you don’t need to request it. If you need to change the payout address please contact [email protected] as for security it’ll be locked once you add it.
  12. Feel free to add the  link to your Bitcointalk signature or to your site.
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