My address was skipped in today's payout, why?

First check your Bitcoin address in the blockchain, here is a popular site and here is our payout address 1BTCPayb5AdF8fSsR7oews2PpuVpRtamk6

Check the timestamps from our payouts, it’s posible that you see two payouts in the same day, close to 24 hours apart. 

If you see that a payment is missing in the blockchain, it’ll be our problem and we’ll give you full support.

If you see your address in our payout transaction but not in your wallet please continue reading.

Every now and then we receive emails from customers, asking what happened with a payout and most of the time it’s because they used a Bitcoin exchange as a wallet and for some reason the exchange did not recorded the transaction

We want to point out that exchanges  are not really wallets and most of the time you don’t control your private keys once the funds are sent to the exchange.

If you see a payment in the blockchain and if its not reflected in your exchange account, the exchange should solve the problem for you as this is out of our control.

Contact their support and send them the transaction ID of the payout in question, as the blockchain serves as proof of the payout.

So you can be more in control of your Bitcoin (as the exchange most of the time  will be  controlling your private keys) we  recommend that you get a Bitcoin wallet and here are some suggestions.

If you are not using an exchange as a wallet and you are using a wallet featured in and you are still missing a payout (that you see in the blockchain) most of the time this is solved by re scanning your wallet’s transactions.

And last if you just recently placed an order for a mining contract please read






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