How to place an order and pay it with your wallet?


1. Go to our shop and select the GH/s you want to buy and press the “Add to cart” button.


2. Review your order and if you want to add more GH/s change the quantity and press the “Update Cart” button. GH/s can be bought in increments of 10. When you are finished press the “Proceed to Checkout” button.


3. If you have an account please login first, if you are a new customer press the “I don’t have an account” button and  in the next step you’ll be able to create your account.




4. Enter your contact information. Name and Last name are optional fields. 


5. Enter your Bitcoin Payout address. Please avoid using an address from an exchange as exchanges are not wallets. Here are some suggested wallets


6. Review your order


7. Select the form of payment. We only accept Bitcoin as a payment method. If you don’t have any Bitcoin before pressing the Finish button please visit


8. After pressing the finish button you’ll be redirected to a, our payment processor, page.

In that address a  Bitcoin address will be generated, please send the funds to the address generated for your order.

Avoid pressing the “Pay with Bitcoin” button, if you press it your default wallet will open and if you don’t have a default wallet in your computer. We’ll show you how to pay with your wallet.


9. Copy the address below the “Pay with Bitcoin” button in the page



 10. Login your wallet  and press  the  “Send” button 



11. Paste the address you copied in the  page (step #9) and enter the exact amount in Bitcoin of your order’s total.


11. And press the “Next” button and then “Send” (enter your 2FA if enabled)



  • The invoice is valid for 15 minutes. If for any reason you didn’t send the payment during the 15 minute window or you closed the page, please place a new order, as unpaid orders  eventually get cancelled.


Your order will be on hold before submitting the payment. After the first confirmation  your order status will change to “processing”.

We process orders usually from  1 to 12 hours after you submit the payment.





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